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Lutengo, Gayaza Road | info@lutengo-farm.com | +256 778 556 156

                                          Visitors welcome! Please phone in advance. 

1,000 free range eggs per day!
Pink Oyster Mushrooms - a first in Uganda
An acre of passion fruit!

The farm now has three hen houses with healthy laying hens. After we have finished collecting the delicious eggs, the birds are given fresh greens to eat - and the result is fantastic yellow yolks.

The mushroom house is nearly finished - just the thatch on the roof to go before we can start installing the fans and lights. These pink oysters were grown at home in Kampala.

An acre of passion fruit! Drip irrigation will be in place by the end of June. The vines are fertilised with compost made from the chicken litter.

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Yellow Oyster Mushrooms at Lutengo